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If you are looking for hard kick drums, thumping bass lines and epic uplifting riffs then look no further than Chojin. The winner of Spunky's Best Hardstyle DJ for 2008 awards knows how to rock a crowd with his mix of high energy hardstyle and crazy antics behind the decks. Chojin can often be seen jumping around the stage in some creepy mask or loud costume catching the attention of many ravers keeping them entertained from the start of his set to the very end.

Chojin has been a resident for the Spunky nights in Hereford since the age of eighteen and has rapidly gone from the new kid on the block to the number one DJ for Hardstyle in the area. Now with a fair size following Chojin is spreading his sound to new crowds around the country. Recently playing several times for the mighty Hardstyle night Bionic, including midnight set at new years eve 2009, main stage sets at nye 2010 and their 11th birthday night. With such a banging start to 2010 and an epic 2011 Chojin is set to have an interesting future ahead of him.

Chojin has recently teamed up with local artist Matt Envy to start producing his own tunes and their first track to be finished called The Machine has smashed dance floors when tested and is signed by top promoters Bionic. And now signed to Epidemic Black with more productions that have entertained dancefloors across the country they are set to have a successful future together. So keep you're ears peeled for their hard edged sounds in future projects.

Chojin runs his own Hardstyle night in Hereford called Virus. His aim is to bring new names in to the area including big time DJs to upcoming talent.
Released: 29th November 2011
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1. Chojin & Matt Envy - Dreamcatcher (Orignal Mix)
Hard Bass Heart Attack
Released: 29th November 2011
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1. Chojin & Matt Envy - Hard Bass Heart Attack (Original Mix)
Chojin & Matt Envy - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
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Chojin & Matt Envy - Hard Bass Heart Attack (Original Mix)
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