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Bonnie Legion
Releases: 1
Bonnie Legion started out as a serious singer/songwriter in the music buisness about 4 years ago under the name 'SOUNDS LIKE SHAVON'. recording primarily raw acoustic material.

In 2009 she started collaborating online with Hip/hop artists and producers such as Rockgang-Bad Habbits Entertainment-Dutch-Twins productions-Niamson. She released a Mixed Genre' album called 'Chameleon' which was half acoustic and half pop inspired.

Shortly afterwards she came in contact with a group called 'LUNATIC FLUID' in England and began working with their head producer Minus 13.

In 2010 they formed together as 'SHAVON AND LUNATIC FLUID' and signed with music man David Courtney and Mybandtv to release our first album, BECOMING LUNATIC but with a lot of industry stuggles and lack of knowledge things fell through.

She quickly got back on track after the split with a whole new outlook and focus and a brand new name. 'BONNIE LEGION'

She is a singer/songwriter/musician/Performer working with Artists, Labels and production companies such as WMG LAB RECORDS, SKZ & Verdyboy, Ordinance Records, Formally toxic, Ba6yRa9e, VANGER, Firebrand Records, Matty Hatt, Majik, Suttle, Kym hamilton and Jah lyfe.

She has traveled to many places in both the UNITED STATES and UNITED KINGDOM, such as New York, Georgia, ALABAMA, Colorado, California, Oregon, SCOTLAND, London and Wales, in search of new inspirations, incredible talents and new sites.

She is a freedom fighter and revolutionist who has a strong believe in the individual. She believes in togetherness, peace and the freedom of colorful unique dynamic expression.

Her sound is not specific to one genre' or box. She is open minded and feels all things very much. She puts her whole heart into every project and song she creates.

These songs are self reflection of the person inside and her journey on this earth.
Nothing To Fear (Inc. Studio-X Remix)
Released: 15th October 2012
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Original Mix
Studio-X Remix
Verdyboy & SKZ feat. Bonnie Legion - Nothing To Fear (Original Mix)
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Verdyboy & SKZ feat. Bonnie Legion - Nothing To Fear (Studio-X Battlefield Remix)
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