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Sector One
Releases: 1
19th July 1990 was the year when Daniel Menz was born. As a young child he discoverd the world of music with very simple instruments and found himself as a musician. After a few years he decided to play different instruments. he got a guitar and just played some notes and learned by himself to play riffs or melodies. at the "teenager age", he startet to produce music with DAW´s like Fruity Loops.

He saw that he have more options to create music than to play just an instrument. After Years of learing and earning experience with the programms he decided to keep this hobby for ever. He looked straight forward to the all stars of the genre hardstyle and told himself, that he will also be a part of it one day. Now He is a fast-growing artist as " Sector One " in the hardstyle scene and he is getting straight forward to the world of Hardstyle. His Dream is to send you a message with the Tracks. feel free and live your dreams as you can. Don´t fall back, looking forward and do your thing.
Sand of Love
Released: 22nd January 2013
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01. Sector One & Renegade DJ Feat. MissJudged - Sand of Love (Original Mix)
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