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Malvy Duo
Releases: 1
Kristo Eek known as Malvy Duo is a hardstyle producer from Estonia.

His passion for music has been there since he was born. He started producing music when he was 13 and had a big influence to hardstyle in his early years.
He always dreamed of making music which he loved and sharing it with others.

Most of his tracks have a meaning - a story behind it. He has a open mind when it comes to producing. "A dark feeling track or melodic - it doesn't matter as long as you love it."

In the year 2011 he started to make his dream become reality. He started to work hard in his studio to make something unique. "I always try to achieve the sound and feeling I have in my mind. If it sounds deep and emotional I make an emotional track or the opposite."

His dreams are reality now as there are a lot of people who accept his style."
Released: 8th January 2013
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01. Malvy Duo - Today (Original Mix)
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