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If you're looking to take part in the Epidemic Black experience and would like to let us know of your DJing skills, or perhaps send us a copy of your latest works then we'd love to hear what you have to offer.

The quickest way to get in touch is by sending an email with download link to your track on a file hosting website to demos@epidemicblack.co.uk

We regret that due to time constraints we may not be able to reply to you personally if we do not wish to persue further.

Meet The Team:
Nicola 'MissJudged' Rutherford (Label Manager)
Nicola Rutherford is the co-founder of Epidemic Black and Label Manager. As a woman, she has the final say in what goes. So be sure to get in her good books if you're looking to be a part of us!

Thomas 'Renegade DJ' Crossley (Label Manager & Engineer)
Thomas Crossley is also a co-founder and Label Manager but he goes one better by being our Engineer. Also known as Renegade DJ, provider of many 'tunage' on our label. As Engineer, Thomas makes sure everything sounds just right, even if you're not rocking a pair of Beats.

Alex Stone (Website Controller)
Alex is our very own website master. He creates all the pages, including the one you see before you. Thusly, if anything goes wrong - it is his fault!

René Jeromin (Creative Director)
René Jeromin is our Creative Director. René creates the awesome designs for our videos, cover art and various other graphics.

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